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About Our Rabbi

Rabbi Aaron Zisow, a graduate of Long Beach Yeshiva, went on to study and teach in Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood for many years. During his studies there, he authored two scholarly works, Bais Hayayin and Minchas Aharon, both on hilchas Shabbos,  and earned his rabbinical ordination (semicha). In 2013 Rabbi Zisow was tasked by the Rabincal Leaders of BMG to establish the Kollel of Western Monmouth County, the community Kollel hosted by the JLC. After years of leading the Kollel, Rabbi Zisow assumed the position of Rabbi in the Jewish Learning Center as well. In the role of Community Rabbi, Rabbi Zisow has expanded and enhanced learning opportunities for adult and children and is available to assist with all matters related to Jewish life cycle events. Leading by example, he has inspired members of all ages to embrace his love for Torah and for his fellow Jew. He continues to forge and strengthen effective links with other local Jewish organizations. Rabbi Zisow, Mrs.  Malka Raizel Zisow, and their children, live in Manalapan with an open door and a welcoming home. 

Wed, May 5 2021 23 Iyyar 5781