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Join us 40 minutes before Shabbos mincha for a Talmud class  (Tractate Chagigah). During the summer months, stay after mincha for Shalosh Seudos for a class on Pirkei Avos (Eithics of the Fathers) with Rabbi Zisow.

Enjoy a class on Pirkei Avos 20 minutes before Shabbos mincha at the Zoberg’s (81 Atrium Way).

Join us Sunday mornings after Shacharis (7:45 AM) for a class on Derech H-shem (The Path of G-d) delivered by Rabbi David Rosenthal.  (And enjoy a light breakfast).

New class about the Monetary Laws, Monday Evenings at 8:30 PM, taught by Rabbi Zisow.

Get your dose of inspiration by attending Rabbi Leiter’s Monday Night bi-weekly Ladies Lecture (alternating locations)

Explore the weekly Torah portion Thursday evenings at 8:30 with Rabbi Zisow.  Enjoy an engaging discussion of the parsha and hot refreshments.

Pre-Yom Tov classes prior to each Yom Tov.

Please email to sign up for updated schedule and weekly Dvar Torah.


Wed, October 21 2020 3 Cheshvan 5781