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The Kollel of Western Monmouth County

Located in the Jewish Learning Center, the Kollel of Western Monmouth County was formed in 2013 under the instruction and guidance of the Roshei Yeshiva of Lakewood. At the time, eight yungerleit and their families relocated and moved into the Manalapan community. The kollel initiated dozens of learning partners, and many thousands of hours of learning can be attributed to the relationships that were formed. Daily learning sessions, a plethora of shiurim, weekly mishmars, father and son Learning, guest speakers, and programming for men, women, and children, has strengthened the foundation of  the Jewish Learning Center and of the wider Manalapan community.

The initial pioneering members of the Kollel have since graduated, several of them settling in Manalapan in teaching and leadership positions and are now  actively involved in practically every Jewish institution in the surrounding area. Additional Kollel members have moved to Manalapan, supplemented by others who commute daily to join the daily learning.

Come, stop by, and visit, as all who do so can not help but be amazed by the atmosphere in the Bais Medrash which is electric and of constant growth. But however inspiring a visit to the Kollel can be, it cannot compare to being an active part of this spiritual revolution  by joining us nightly for night seder, or for the Kollel Boker before Shacharis.

Thu, June 17 2021 7 Tammuz 5781