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Current Shiurim

Click here Hilchos Pesach-1 to hear about the unusual laws in regard to tevillas keilim, mechiras chometz, and biur chometz this year.  (3/26/20)

Click here Parshas Vayikra - Doesn't Hashem Want our Kaddish and Kedusha? (3/27/20)

Click here Hilchos Shabbos -1 to hear Halachos of davening without a minyan on Friday night

Click here to hear halachos of  Kiddush Levanah and Birchas Ilanos (3/28/20)

Click here Hilchos Pesach-2 to hear halachos of cleaning one's house for Pesach (3/29/20)

Click here Parshas Tzav - Dovid Hamelech's segulah to combat Covid-19

Click here Hilchos Pesach -3 Kashering One's Kitchen, a Guide for First Timers and Pros

Click here to view Halachos of Taanis Bechorim - What Does Hashem Want From Us? (included is a pertinent message from Rabbi Zisow beginning at 23 minutes into the class.) 

Click here to view Yizkor - At Home and Alone, Yet Still Connected 

Click here to view 



Click here to view Yizkor - Shavuos- 5 Takeaways From Corona


Wed, May 5 2021 23 Iyyar 5781